Get to know VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is when you need something a little more Flexible and more powerful than shared hosting. We dont advise this for many people as it can be overwhelming to use and operate both efficiently and securely.

To begin with a VPS you will need to choose an operating system, we offer VPS templates that are preinstalled and super fast to spin up, without much configuration(6-10 minutes from purchase). We recommend Alma Linux 8, It essentially a copy of RHEL but available for free and with longer support than the current version of CentOS.

Next you would usually define what specifications you need, but we have sorted this out for you by providing only 1 specification of server for self service with more variation available on request please Contact Us if you would like a custom VPS.

Thats it for the purchasing side, now you have full control to do as you please, within our Acceptable Use Policy

Contact us for more details on how to use your vps for what you need whether webhosting or minecraft servers or anything else, just let us know we’d be happy to help.


CPU IS 2 vCPUS and those cores are Intel Xeon E-2286G running at 4GHZ

For Memory once again you get all of what we provision you 4096MB or 4GB of DDR4 ECC RAM, and once again if you would like to use 100% of it you may.

Storage is NVME Storage and you get what you pay for.

Network, well you get 1 dedicated IPv4 and 100Mbit/s speeds and 1TB of it, we would offer more but unfortunately data is expensive in Australia.

Thanks for nerding out with us on this section if you dont skip it.

Once again please Contact Us if you would like specific VPS specs we are more than happy to set you up with a custom plan

VPS Power

$28 Monthly
  • 2 VCPUs
  • 4GB RAM
  • 60GB Storage
  • Dedicated IPv4 address